workshop series

Join us at our workshops to create original work based on a theme!

adventure time

30 Jan 2021 | 2-5pm SGT

If you've ever aspired to publish your own adventure for your favorite roleplaying game, then this workshop by ENnie Award nominated RPG writer Jason Koh is for you.


Arm yourself with tools and techniques you'll need to craft quests that will engage and excite, and start writing your own short scenario using the Three Act Structure.

[Participants will create a blurb and a 1-page story outline based on prompts.]

we do it write

27 Feb 2021 | 2-5pm SGT

So you have a manuscript, or a piece of writing. Perhaps you’re suffering from a serious case of writer’s block, and have no idea how to take your work forward. Maybe the piece of work is close to completion, and you’d like some feedback from other writers. 

If you’re a writer, and if these scenarios reply to you, you’re in the right place. Join us at moonmaker inc.’s first writing feedback workshop, where we’ll discuss each other’s work and provide constructive criticism in a safe, welcoming, and moderated environment. 

[Participants will be asked to submit a piece of written work prior to the workshop that they wish to receive critique on. Instructions on how to give feedback to other creators will be provided.]

"awwww, thats soooo cute!"

13 Mar 2021 | 2-5pm SGT

Ever had a bad day get instantly brighter at the sight of a cute puppy on your Instagram feed? Or had your stress instantly evaporate when you walk past a chubby kitten napping peacefully on a store windowsill? These are the adorable things that bring us joy in the small moments. So take a break and join us, as we delve into our happy places as part of a chibi creation workshop. This is your chance: to recreate the things and relive the moments that make us all go “Awwwww, that’s sooooo cute!”

[Participants are encouraged to create and share a simple piece of work that personally speaks to them]

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