workshop series

only human

10 Apr 2021 | 2-5pm SGT

In the course of creating new work and crafting characters, one might find themselves questioning: just what does it mean to be 'human'? Who gets to define humanity, and who decides where exactly the line between 'human' and 'nonhuman' is drawn?

In this workshop, we explore the concept of humanity in characters. Come join us as we discuss, rethink, and reconstruct what "being human" means through a series of creative activities!" 

[Participants will be asked to create and submit a piece of creative work in the medium of their choice, in accordance with the theme.]

music of the night

5 Jun 2021 | 2-5pm SGT

Do sweet songs and smooth jams inspire you to make creative work? In moonmaker inc.'s first ever music-themed workshop, we'll be exploring a fresh dimension to creativity. Choose from an array of tracks and make a piece of work - be it a piece of prose/poetry, a cool drawing - or even another piece of music! - in response to it.

Remember - you alone can make our song take flight - so come help us make the music of the night.

[Participants will be asked to create a piece of creative work in response to a musical prompt.]

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