frequently-asked questions

At moonmaker inc., the core of what we do centres on the collaborative workshops that we facilitate. We aspire for these sessions to be a place for creatives to meet and inspire each other, as we all create work together from a shared theme.


Our workshops are currently being held online on our collective’s Discord server, but we hope to hold some face-to-face when restrictions on social contact (due to the Covid-19 pandemic) are lifted. 

These workshops will often culminate in montages or mini-collections of participants’ work (on an opt-in basis only, with the choice to opt out at any time during the workshop), as we wish to showcase what we’ve created together as a group during these sessions. 


You can look out for informal flash creating sessions and other fun ad-hoc community-building events that we regularly run on our Discord server, which is a moderated, inclusive, and LGBT+-friendly space. 


We are also working on an evolving database of collaborators that we’ve worked with (including participants in past workshops). This database will become a portal where creatives can introduce themselves and share links to their stores or portfolios (to get a little boost!). ;) 

To become a collaborator, just drop us a message via email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! 


For more information on what we do, please check out what we do.

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