There are many collectives out there, so the question is: why join us?

moonmaker inc. has a selection of enriching programmes and activities. There’s something for everyone, and we’re constantly in the process of adding new and exciting items to our roster!


We organise a variety of themed workshops: from creative, prompt-based sessions to feedback panels.

write nights

Writers engage in word sprints, create work collaboratively, and share fun stories during our monthly write nights!

store listings

Our Discord server provides space for creators (at no charge) to promote their commissions and display merch listings.

creator's gallery

We host a gallery on our Discord server, to showcase the work that our members create during server activities.


Make friends and find new collaborators on our Discord server: a vibrant, moderated, and engaging space for all.

weekly prompts

If you're feeling uninspired, our weekly prompts and polls might just give you a much-needed creative boost. 

art streams

Artists on our server are given a platform to publicise their work to a diverse and welcoming audience.


Your next client could be just around the corner. We have channels tailor-made for you to showcase your portfolio! 


We regularly update a list of useful resources on our server: from world-building guides to art tutorials.

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